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Bakureru1969, 35 y/o,
Status: Sometimes you realize too late that what you’re looking for is exactly what you just let go.
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I amwomen
Looking formale
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Ardine Osburn
My birthday
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When a Man Loves a Woman
Artist / Bands
Bloomfield James
About myself
I enjoy and love my family (A must!) Including family get-togethers; I love my job; I love my motorcycle and hope to find a вbiker buddyв whether passenger (Prefer) or just riding together; I cook because I have to eat, but I donвt cook the fancy stuff (I leave that to my sister); enjoy restaurants too since I donвt have to do dishes. Hate drama so when my grown children start it, I nip it in the bud!I love country music, like classic rock and roll, and when watching movies I like to be entertained and laugh, not having the beejeebees scared out of me, so no horror flicks. Yes, I like facebook and use email and love computers!Hate politics but pay attention but wonвt get into a debate about it!!Would much rather clean house than pull weeds and mow the lawn.
More Info
Desired RelationshipMarriage
Common interests to shareMovies and music, Going places I’ve never been.
General Manager
Physical Features
Height5' 10" 177.8 cm
Body TypeSpoon
Eye ColorGold

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